Plastic cards

In the contemporary world, cash has been gradually loosing its ground in favor of plastic cards. Indeed, it is much more convenient to pay any costs by means of a plastic card.

You might not need to carry around large amounts of money or worry about the safety of your wallet or purchase foreign currency abroad at an overvalued rate.

You may keep your money on an account with our Bank in RUR, USD, or EUR, and spend the same in any country worldwide by means of a plastic card.

In which event the currency of the card account would not matter, since the money are converted automatically. And should you need cash, the card would enable you to easily get the amount you need at the nearest ATM.

Our-Bank issues plastic cards of the international payment systems, VISA and MasterCard, offering a full scope of payments for goods or services in Russia and abroad, namely the Gold Card, Classic Card, and Electron Card.

«NOTA-Bank» issues the following cards of the international payment systems VISA и MasterCard: Visa Gold, Visa Classic, Visa Electron, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Standard, Cirrus/Maestro.


Cards of «NOTA-Bank» mean:

  • Twenty-four-hour access to the card account at every spot on the globe.
  • Comfortable tool of settlements for usual payments and for payments through Internet.   
  • Attractive service terms and conditions.
  • Twenty-four-hour support of clients.
  • Opening of accounts in main currencies.
  • SMS-informing advice to your cellular on the card transactions.
  • Checking the card account over Internet.

If you already are a client of the Bank, please, contact your personal manager to solve any financial matters. If you want to become our client, please, call us.


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