Personal safe-deposit boxes

Our Bank offers you a convenient, secure and safe place for your valuables to be kept in, - a personal safe deposit box. Therein you can keep money, documents, securities, jewelry, works of art, - in short everything you treasure and might want to keep private.

A safe deposit box may be leased for any period whatsoever. A short-term lease is especially convenient in the events that you are going on vacation or a business trip. Our safe deposit boxes are available in various sizes.

Nobody but you is present in the depository at the time the valuables are being put into a safe depository box, and thus the complete confidentiality is being guaranteed. We do highly appreciate your trust. Once you have deposited your valuables into the safe deposit box, the our Bank will guarantee the perfect safety and absolute integrity thereof.

If you already are a client of the Bank, please, contact your personal manager to solve any financial matters. If you want to become our client, please, call us.


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